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10 ways to know your target audience better.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Who is the target audience of your business? The most important question that you need to ask yourself before starting a business. As if picking a destination, planning a plan, and making a journey to your goal successfully.

You can communicate straight to the point to your customers if you understand their needs well and deeply. They can be easily trapped by your brand.

Here. Let’s start with 10 ways to understand more about your customers!

1. Market Research

We can't deny that the best way to get to know your target audience better is by researching.

You can use demographics data such as age, gender, work experiences, marital status, and other factors related to customer decision-making to tell about who is your target customer. And you can also use psychographic data to describe the personalities, values, attitudes, and lifestyles of customers that can affect their product and service buying decisions.

2. Learn from your competitors

“Competitor is the best teacher for success.”

You can learn from competitors' strategies to better understand customers by analyzing their weak points and strong points. This will help you see the whole picture and guidelines widen. Then, you will be able to analyze and set your business strategy more effectively.

3. Create your brand persona

Sales target is significant for a business similar to defining your business milestones, gauging that how much speed you need to push more, or how far it is from your current point to the destination.

Creating a brand persona is like creating a brand purpose also. You can plan and take action on your marketing strategy efficiently if you have an ideal customer for your brand. By doing market research and collecting the personality and character of your business target group.

4. Use different research tools

In the research process, it's better to pick various tools to provide you with qualitative and quantitative data that can answer your business questions in different ways. Whether it will be an interview, survey, using existing data, observation, analytics tools, etc.

5. Always tracking your customer feedbacks

Another way to know your target audience better is by tracking brand comments and suggestions from your customers. Of course, you will receive all positive and negative feedback, wisely choose popular feedbacks or constructive advice that you can bring to optimize your brand and business indeed.

6. Choose the right platform

One of the factors that can help you approach your target audience is choosing the right platform for them. It is better to analyze which platform your target customers often use, then start a marketing plan to fit with each social media. Owing to each platform has different styles of content planning, posting time, and customer behavior of engagement.

7. Consider survey and interview methods

Is there any other way you can know your customer well than receiving direct feedback from their mouths? You can do qualitative research such as interviews, questionnaires, and surveys that will allow you to get more thorough and useful data about your target group.

The more you know their insights deeply, the more you can create content and plan business strategies following their hidden needs.

8. Send a unique message, impress the target audience.

It should be engagement that brings benefit results to the brand, not only just gaining general engagement.

In the era of high business volume and diverse competitors, the challenge is how to communicate your brand standing out from other brands in the market? And also reflex customer desires that might be hidden deep down inside them.

Therefore, catching up on News and trends all the time is necessary for a business to create up-to-date content and appeal to customer's attention increasingly.

9. Improve search result ranking

Don’t overlook SEO! No matter how big or small the problem is. People will exactly start to find out an answer by using the Google search engine tool.

If your website is on top of search results that means your website visibility increases. Customers can found out your website more, and also it impacts other business opportunities.

Apart from that, it will help your business image more credible. Don’t forget to focus on SEO planning and always keep an eye on new trends.

10. Go into analytics

To get to know your target audience better. You can use data analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, etc.

These tools will offer you the customers insight that allows you to analyze data and make the decision for your business more effective. Moreover, it helps you extend your new aspect to see other factors that you might look over before.

References: Digitalready, Entrepreneur

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