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6 Digital Marketing Trends to Focus for 2021

Due to the pandemic situation of covid-19, that consistently occurring from last year until now. It caused various effects on economics and society of the world. Social activities and events were called off, and these lead to digital marketing transformation.

Ecommerce and Social Media platforms have become things that people spending multiple times with, as videos conference when working at home are a new normal of this period. These bring a lot of behavior change between brands and consumers.

All brands should have to keep an eye on new marketing trends to not missing out on keeping customer relationships as good as always.

1. Watch out! Inclusivity is more important.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement in 2020 leads to people’s awareness increase.

Younger generation consumers want to see their favorite brand stand for something that means to society as equality and diversity. They want to erase the old mindset about racism, inequality, or exclusivity that we have been familiar with many decades before.

A study by Accenture shows that the inclusivity trend has changed a lot to customer behavior nowadays.

41% of the customer can back out the shop that does not show their inclusivity or diversity.

29% of the customer is ready to change their favorite brand if brands do not show enough inclusivity.

Brands that ignore inclusivity standpoint, or who do not be a part of social awareness, will likely get an impact in 2021. Meanwhile, the brand that shows their intention to stand for social equality will certainly get social benefits as a deeper connection with their customers.

2. Sustainability is always on track.

Sustainability is another popular trend of 2021!

The research reveals that 80% of customers want companies or brands to join environmental sustainability. The younger generation is especially concerns about this issue.

As we can see all the years, many brands started to show their standpoints for using materials, packaging, or systems to reduce world resource consumption.

Customers want to see if brands that they pay money for have sufficient social responsibility for this world as they felt. Getting more customer connection and brand loyalty, building a brand to be a part of sustainability is the key to brand success.

Brands can select the best ways for their products and brand identity to show their concern about sustainability, such as promote via website banner, have a conversation on social media platforms, or manufacturing reusable products.

3. Image and voice search makes life easier.

An increased number of “Alexa” using; a voice assistant by Amazon shows that voice search is getting hit. Whether the limited interpersonal conversation or the technology that ready to use and more convenient than typing or texting.

Image search is also highly popular. Google Lens is a tool that can help people search for what they can see.

Marketers should focus more on images when it comes to a marketing strategy. Images are ready to join the SEO game this year indeed.

A survey found that users who started to redesign their websites to support image and voice search will get more online sales up to 30%.

4. Interactive content develops customer’s feeling.

Interactive content as quizzes, open-ended questions, surveys, contests, giveaways, polls, etc., can help brands increase customer participation and entertainment.

It sounds boring, right? If customers only receive brand messages in one way, or brands will get more engagement, but without any review or recommendation from the real users.

Content that customers can participate in, or content that has rewards for customers, even a small prize, can develop customer experience and a good feeling to brands.

Customers will feel like their voices heard, and their opinions can make an impact. They will feel more connected with the brand. Moreover, brands will get benefits by collecting customer data and opinions to improve their brands further.

5. Getting more attention with Livestream & Influencer content

Video and Livestream are mainstream as online study, work from home, video conference, online workshop or even those celebrities turn into live and personal vlog more.

A study shows Facebook live views are increasing up to 50% in the last lockdown period. While Instagram live views are highly up to 70%, a newbie application as TikTok has an uplifting usage total in 2020, forecasting that it will be continually going on.

Some brands initiated to create events via online platforms, Livestream or influencer content are more engaging. Especially being a Livestream can let customers enjoy watching and purchase the product at the same time. It helps to increase brand engagement and also boost sales.

The key trend of 2021 is how brands can adapt themselves to the new normal situation the most? And what brands will do to create new channels to connect with customers as closely as before.

6. Easy to consume content is more king.

The podcast has become increasingly popular content for consumers since 2020 with content that easy to consume, easy to listen to, and able to leave it going while doing other activities. This may allow people to turn to receive this way of information. The Newsletter is also easy-to-consume content as it is delivered directly to the consumer's mailboxes.

A report said Americans 55% currently listen to podcasts, and Newsletter is getting more attention to 14% during lockdown time. Advertisements are growingly investing in podcasts.

The more convenient customer can consume content, the more developing feeling between customers and brands.

The marketing strategy for this year will depend on which brands can see opportunities for consumers spending more time online to seek the best results of the brand itself. Whether it will be brand engagement increase, sales-boosting, or customer relationships maintaining during the long period of this crisis.

Sources: Social Media Today, 99 Designs Blog

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